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Veranstaltungen in der Gro├čregion

Gefördert durch den Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung im Rahmen des Programms INTERREG IVA Großregion.
Die Europäische Union investiert in Ihre Zukunft.
Overflow by Maurizio Fusillo


by Maurizio Fusillo
dans le cadre de MULTIPLICA

09.02.2017 - 02.04.2017

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electronic art installation
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(Leider existiert dieser Text nicht in deutsch.)

The modern man is overexposed to information to an extent which has no equal in history.

One hour of new videos is uploaded to Youtube every second. On Facebook, 11500 status updates, 8500 comments and 1400 post are posted every second. On Twitter, 1400 tweets per second are sent. To this impressive  amount of data we must also add all the information posted on other websites - websites which are created at the rate of one per second.

The internet is a perpetually breeding organism, a cancerous and uncontrolled growth which threatens to overwhelm man – its originator.

It is a constant and enormous flow of information, consisting mostly of useless data, destined to get lost in the vast expanse of the Internet and to stay there for a long time.

It is like a seemingly bottomless well, slowly filled with uncountable and incessant droplets of water.

This work intends to give a tangible dimension to this flow of information, a physical encumbrance.

Visitors will be physically placed in front of that stream of irrelevant information which rains from the sky and end up trampled.

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