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FRIDAY ISLAND - Freedom of the Body

art, performance & exchange

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Freedom of the Body

“The body is our first location. It is the place, from where we can perceive the world and relate to it. And it is the body, too, which is being perceived by others and to which they relate, when meeting us. Gender, colour of skin, age, sexual orientation, physical abilities and disabilities are therefore inextricable parts of our physical being.
(Mulder, Anne-Claire , In:ABC des guten Lebens https://abcdesgutenlebens.wordpress.com/category/korper/ Zustand 04.04.16)

It is the body which enables humans to interact with the outside world. The body carries the self and serves as a platform for exchange. Through the body we connect with other people. The body is part of woman/man as a socially interacting being. He serves as a mirror of education, society and culture. That is why it becomes our language and, therefore, can be read and interpreted symbolically. This cocoon, spun in the course of time, becomes an important and representative element of our soul, influenced by society.

FRIDAY ISLAND asks how much freedom of movement is left to the body. What is its place and function in today’s society? Is it only being instrumentalised in this superficial society of ours? Which values remain? What sort of attention does the body receive in contemporary art? What sort of role does it play there? Body as human shape; body as a means of interaction; body as an instrument. How far can we go, when using the body as an artistic/political medium?

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