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Isabel Munoz

photomeetings luxembourg 2018

The Rage of Devotion

11.09.2018 - 20.10.2018

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Dear friends of photography!

Welcome to the 14th edition of photomeetings luxembourg - from September 11th to October 20th, 2018.

During the thirteen years of its existence, the concept of our photofestival has remained the same: building a learning opportunity for the young and the young at heart, who have an interest in photography and photo-related arts. Over more than a decade, the festival has brought together students of photography, photo-journalists, theoreticians, photography enthusiasts and internationally renowned photographers. It is today recognized as a high-quality learning platform for all who are interested in photography.

Starting in 2005, photomeetings luxembourg took place for the first time in the Abbaye de Neumünster. The premises of the abbaye provided the necessary spaces for the workshops and student exhibitions. From 2005 on, the Gallery began to invite students from different European art schools to participate, and due to this enlargement of the event, the workshops were moved to the University of Luxembourg, Campus Limpertsberg. The beautiful park around the Campus often served as a photogenic background for the workshops. Since then, lectures and round-table discussions have also become an important part of our programme.

From its beginnings, artists from all over the world brought an international flair to our venture and enabled participants to learn from the most distinguished creators in their profession.

We have been lucky to count René Burri, James Nachtwey, Franco Fontana, Dieter Appelt, Pierre Gonnord, Christian Caujolle, Stéphane Couturier, Peter Bialobreski, Daniele Buetti, Tom Hunter, Michael Najjar, Klaus Honnef, Stanley Greene, Herlinde Koelbl, Marla Rutherford, Gisèle Freund, Georg Stefan Troller, Greg Gorman, Isabel Muñoz, Stefan Hunstein, HA Schult, Massimo Vitali, Edward Steichen, Peter Weibel, Alfred Seiland, Arno Rafael Minkkinen, John Morris, Lucien Clergue, Joan Fontcuberta, Roger Ballen, Edward Burtynsky, Mishka Henner, William Klein, John Stewart, Hiroyuki Masuyama and many more among our performers.

Each year, we chose different themes: in 2014 and 2017 we  focused on topics related to social causes and ecological awareness.

The title of this year’s edition is: “The Rage of Devotion”, inspired by Liza Ambrossio’s series of photographs. It addresses photographers’ dedication and passion to their work and their willingness to induce a change through their art. To tackle this subject, we decided to promote four women photographers. The photomeetings luxembourg 2018 edition puts a focus on social problems and inequalities, women’s rights and empowerment, unfair treatment of underprivileged people, reaffirmation of human beliefs and identities.

It is our pleasure to welcome Isabel Muñoz, Liza Ambrossio, Ada Trillo, and to present the photographs of Frida Kahlo by Gisèle Freund.

The Spanish photographer, Isabel Muñoz, was born in Barcelona and has lived in Madrid since 1970. She stands out as an assertive photographer. Her series “Mythologies”, taken in Bolivia, show mythological  pre-Columbian masks and highlight the reaffirmation of human identities. She also illustrates the capacity to decorate and modify one’s own body and the desire to belong to a “tribe” in her series “Metamorphosis”, shot in Mexico. Taken under the Mediterranean waters and the seas of Japan, her series “Agua” (Water), is a warning signal, alerting us to the hazards that threaten the survival of marine environments. Through this work, she addresses the important question “What are we going to leave to our children and grandchildren if we are not able to take care of their treasures, if we continue throwing plastics into the sea, that are deadly traps for the species that inhabit it?“

A selection of the three series mentioned above will be featured at Galerie Clairefontaine, Espace 2. Isabel Muñoz will give a lecture and a workshop where participants will gain an overview of her working method and her professional journey.

At Espace 1 of Galerie Clairefontaine, a group exhibition will showcase photographs by Liza Ambrossio, Gisèle Freund and Ada Trillo.

 Born in 1993, the Mexican artist Liza Ambrossio states that “Reality is overrated and fantasy underestimated... the richest thing that exists in life is fabulation and the power to imagine“. By using various technics and mixing archive photographs with mysterious paintings, she activates psychological urges and provokes repressed emotions.Liza Ambrossio’s series “The Rage of Devotion”, which illustrates the destruction of a world that does not allow her to grow, and the challenge of rebuilding it by using its fragments in a different and personal order, as Laura González-Flores describes it. Liza Ambrossio wants to induce observers to immerse themselves in her psychology and describes her art as a way of freeing herself, which involves confronting and traversing the ominous.

Having grown-up in Juarez on the Mexican/American border, Ada Trillo’s series of photographs „How did I get here?“ centers on the lives of low-cost sex workers in Mexico. She wants to portray and uncover the adversities, that these women face in their daily lives and create an awareness of the dehumanizing conditions existing in brothels around the world. Trillo also donates back to community organizations which help women.

Born in Berlin in 1908, Gisèle Freund was one of Europe’s most prominent photographers and a pillar among French feminist intellectuals after fleeing Nazi Germany and settling in Paris in the 1930’s, where she pursued her doctoral studies at the Sorbonne. Travelling to Mexico in 1950, she had planned to stay for two weeks. Two years later, she left and explained: “I felt the moment was approaching when Mexico would devour me. It’s a country where contrasts are so intense that they’re inhuman.” In Mexico, she met the passionate and legendary couple Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera; with whom she became friends quickly.

As in previous years, the City of Luxembourg is hosting the festival at the Cercle Cité on the Place d’Armes. The lectures will be held by Isabel Muñoz, Ada Trillo and Liza Ambrossio from September 11 to September 14. The lectures will be followed by a Q&A. In addition, a round table discussion on the subject of “Women in Photography” with the participation of Jenny Fischbach, Danielle Igniti, Christian Mosar and Françoise Poos will take place.

I want to thank all the participants, institutions and photographers who have supported and contributed to the success of photomeetings luxembourg for the past 13 years!

Dr. Marita Ruiter

Director of photomeetings luxembourg

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