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Tel Aviv on Fire - Copyright Samsa Film - TS Productions - Lama Films - Artémis Productions (1)
La production luxembourgeoise "Tel Aviv on Fire" a remporté ce samedi 8 septembre 2018 le "Prix Orizzonti du meilleur...
Aux abords de la ville d'Esch-sur-Alzette, un grand projet se prépare. Dans un quartier plutôt résidentiel, une maison sort du lot. Sa façade vient...
Guy Daleiden, Sascha Ley, Claude Mangen, Christiane Kremer, Simone Mousset, Misch Feinen et Larisa Faber lors de la table ronde
Près de 400 personnes ont assisté aux Assises culturelles 2018 qui se sont déroulées les 29 et 30 juin au Conservatoire de la Ville de Luxembourg. Au...
Xavier Bettel, ministre de la Culture, en compagnie de Guy Arendt, secrétaire d'État à la Culture, et Marianne Backes lors de la présentation
Dans sa fonction de ministre de la Culture, le Premier ministre Xavier Bettel a présenté le 26 juin 2018 la stratégie numérique du patrimoine culturel...
Lëtzebuerger Filmpräis
Guy Daleiden, directeur du Film Fund Luxembourg, et Claude Waringo, président de l’académie du film luxembourgeois D’Filmakademie, ont lancé...
Art week lux
La quatrième édition de LUXEMBOURG ART WEEK se déroulera du 9 au 11 novembre 2018 à la Halle Victor Hugo de Luxembourg.

Festival du film d’animation d’Annecy
Le secteur de l’animation luxembourgeois a frappé très fort en remportant 5 prix au Festival du film d’animation d’Annecy , le plus important et le...
Die neue Zeit   Les temps nouveaux
La Bibliothèque nationale de Luxembourg (BnL) invite le public à découvrir 27 périodiques luxembourgeois numérisés et désormais...
Ce jeudi matin, Xavier Bettel, Premier ministre et ministre de la Culture, a présenté le projet de la « Galerie nationale d’art...

Das Luxembourg City Film Festival präsentierte das Programm der diesjährigen Ausgabe

Das Team des Luxembourg City Film Festival ist froh das Programm seiner 7. Ausgabe präsentieren zu können. Das Luxembourg City Film Festival findet vom 2. bis zum 12. März 2017 in Luxemburg-Stadt, in der CINÉMATHÈQUE DE LA VILLE DE LUXEMBOURG, im CINÉ UTOPIA, im UTOPOLIS KIRCHBERG, im HAUPTQUARTIER des Festivals (Place de la Constitution), im CERCLE CITÉ und in verschiedenen anderen kulturellen Institutionen in Luxemburg statt.

Mehr Informationen finden Sie nachfolgend auf Englisch.

The organisation team of the Luxembourg City Film Festival is delighted to announce the programme of its seventh edition, which will take place from 2 to 12 March 2017 in Luxembourg City, at the CINÉMATHÈQUE DE LA VILLE DE LUXEMBOURG, CINÉ UTOPIA, UTOPOLIS KIRCHBERG, the festival’s HEADQUARTERS (Place de la Constitution), CERCLE CITÉ and several cultural partner institutions throughout Luxembourg.

A tribute to Ray Liotta, a literary session with Douglas Kennedy, the international premiere of Terrence Malick’s new film, an official competition line-up featuring works by great directors such as Aki Kaurismäki and James Gray, a VR pavilion as part of a rich and diverse support programme... Each day of the festival will be jam-packed with events.


Introducing independent auteur cinema to the general public, regaling film lovers with great casts… this is the twofold ambition of the UTOPOLIS PREMIERES category, which is being launched for this 2017 edition. Here is a preview of the festival milestones, starting with the opening film (2 March) DENIAL (Mick Jackson, USA). This is the true story of the lawsuit against Deborah E. Lipstadt (played by Rachel Weisz), accused of defamation by Holocaust denier David Irving. The award ceremony (10 March) will, for its part, revel in the infectious energy of the film selected to open this year’s Berlinale: DJANGO (Étienne Comar, France), a great biopic of gypsy jazz legend Django Reinhardt (played by Reda Kateb). The festival has a history of featuring highly exclusive works. Even so, this year’s closing film (12 March) will be raising the bar even higher. Ryan Gosling, Michael Fassbender, Nathalie Portman, Cate Blanchett… while Terrence Malick has accustomed us to exceptional castings, that of SONG TO SONG exceeds all known standards. This film event, which will be celebrating its world premiere at the opening of the prestigious South By Southwest in Austin only two days later on 10 March, will experience its international premiere in Luxembourg. Fans of Matthew McConaughey, for their part, will be delighted to see him in GOLD (Stephen Gaghan, USA), a film that lies somewhere between biopic, adventure film and success story. Given that cinema has always been a reflection of society, 2017 will be undeniably political and militant. As witnessed by MISS SLOANE (John Madden, USA) in which Jessica Chastain takes on the gun lobby.


Renowned directors versus debut films, horror versus emotion, this year has seen the festival’s artistic committee once again facing the difficult challenge of achieving a balance. Here are ten films, which we will be presenting in alphabetical order so as not to favour those featuring in the official competition. / DARK NIGHT (Tim Sutton, USA) is at first glance reminiscent of ELEPHANT. A drama (the 2012 Aurora cinema shooting), a segmented narration… but the parallels end there. Hypnotic, at times documentarian, this extraordinary film highlights the malaise of a certain American youth visibly devoid of guidance. / GLORY (Kristina Grozeva, Petar Valchanov, Bulgaria) reunites us with the authors of THE LESSON, winner at the 2015 festival in Luxembourg. How to deflect the public’s attention from an affair involving corrupt politicians? In Bulgaria, the answer is to fabricate heroes. In this case, railway worker Tsanko Petrov, who soon regrets handing over a true treasure to the authorities. / In Toronto, rumour has it medical treatment was required for a couple of people who fell ill during the screening. GRAVE (Julia Ducournau, France/Belgium) is a film that certainly leaves an impression, to the extent of winning the Grand Prix at the Gérardmer Festival du Film Fantastique in France last week. This is the story of a vegetarian forced to consume meat as part of an initiation ritual and who then goes on to discover some truly voracious instincts. A gruesome film for informed audiences. / While the aftermath of the civil war in Georgia is at the heart of HOUSE OF OTHERS (Rusudan Glurjidze, Georgia), it is above all the humanity, the staging and the interpretation that sets this film apart. A powerful anti-war statement raising very topical questions. / I AM NOT MADAME BOVARY (Feng Xiaogang, China) is THE Chinese revelation of the year. Behind the burlesque (involving a scam divorce requiring remarriage for a better final divorce) and a distinctive visual style (circular framing), the film levels harsh criticism against a certain type of bureaucracy. / Mylène Mackay – who will grace us with her presence at the film’s screening – is mesmerising in her incarnation of NELLY (Anne Emond, Canada), a Canadian film inspired by the life and work of Nelly Arcan, best-selling author and escort girl. / SAMI BLOOD (Amanda Kernell, Sweden) shines the spotlight on the Lapps, an indigenous people who, like others, has been subjected to severe discrimination. Reindeer herder Elle Marja is forced to choose between observing tradition and assimilating into Swedish society. / Charlie Hunnam, Sienna Miller, Tom Holland, Robert Pattinson… THE LOST CITY OF Z (USA) sees James Gray rolling out the heavy artillery. As could be expected in telling the true story of Percy Fawcett, a scientific explorer ridiculed by his community, who goes missing in the heart of the Amazon. / Another great top-drawer director, Aki Kaurismäki, is also part of the competition line-up. THE OTHER SIDE OF HOPE (Aki Kaurismäki, Finland) tells of the chance encounter between a Syrian refugee and a Finnish poker addict. A culture shock illustrating, in an elegant and powerful way, the migration issues facing today’s world. / And to finish off, a film on Trump’s America. TRANSPECOS (Greg Kwedar, USA) plays out in the arena earmarked for the construction of a wall. A dark and highly tense thriller, in which each character is complex, in which the notion of good and evil is as volatile as the sandstorms invading the screen.


Every year, the number of documentary films for consideration far exceeds our intake capacity. 2017 is no exception, with only seven films having made the cut. FOREVER PURE (Maya Zinshtein, Israel) tells the story of how the recruitment of two young Chechen Muslims to the highly conservative football team Beitar Jerusalem F.C. led to the most terrifying racist campaign in Israeli sport. / I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO (Raoul Peck, France, USA) is, hands down, one of this year’s most highly anticipated documentaries. Raoul Peck achieves the feat of magnifying and organising the concepts of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr. and Medgar Evers (to name but a few), drawing on the compelling narration by Samuel L. Jackson, based on the writings of James Baldwin, to illustrate how the image (and the reality) of African Americans is shaped and enforced today. / MACHINES (Rahul Jain, India), acknowledged at Sundance for its magnificent photography, is a journey into the abyss of an industry in which man is no more than an insignificant cog in a gigantic wheel. / Like most big cities, Baltimore is home to inconceivable colonies of rats. RAT FILM (Theo Anthony, USA) explores the relationship of man with one of the world’s most reviled animals. / And what if today’s most beautiful geopolitical lesson came from a Bulgarian postman who, in a bid to save his dying small village, advocates the resettlement of masses of Syrian refugees passing through? Despite it having the notion of a fairytale overflowing with humanity, THE GOOD POSTMAN (Tonislav Hristov, Bulgaria) is not a work of fiction. / Experience dictates that the worst and the best cross paths in horror scenes. From the courage of the victims to the insanity of the murderer, TOWER – using the power and detachment that comes with animation – recounts the events of August 1966, when a shooter made his way to the top floor of the University of Texas tower causing carnage. / In 2013, Italian populist movement “5 Stelle” won 25% of the votes. A political cataclysm on the heels of a European tidal wave that has the merit of dissecting a crucial question: what happens when those aspiring to a popular revolution find themselves in a position to make decisions? TUTTI A CASA – POWER TO THE PEOPLE? (Lise Birk Pedersen, Denmark) is a Danish documentary by Lise Birk Pedersen which proves, once again, that documentary analysis is often one step ahead of the curve.


Unforgettable in GOODFELLAS, HANNIBAL and KILL THE MESSENGER, RAY LIOTTA is part of the hallowed American cinema elite. We will be paying tribute to him on 5 March (Utopolis Kirchberg) and rejoicing in his performance in STICKY NOTES (Amanda Sharp, USA) before welcoming him the following day in a master class (Cinémathèque) led by Boyd van Hoeij (The Hollywood Reporter). Best-selling American author DOUGLAS KENNEDY (The Dead Heart, The Pursuit of Happiness…) will also be gracing us with his presence. He will be hosting a book-signing session at the festival’s Headquarters and explore the links between writing and cinema by introducing a tribute screening at the Cinémathèque of DOUBLE INDEMNITY (Billy Wilder, 1944).


Between BARRAGE by Laura Schroeder, a Luxembourgish film (Red Lion) selected for the FORUM section in Berlin, the Samsa Film co-production ES WAR EINMAL IN DEUTSCHLAND… by Sam Garbarski shown in a gala screening at the very same Berlinale and MAPPAMUNDI by Bady Minck (Amour Fou) selected for the Sundance Film Festival, Luxembourg’s national colours have been flying high these last few weeks. Now, after their wild rides, all will be descending on Luxembourg for a series of premieres which, once again, will undoubtedly bring together the very best of the profession. In this celebratory vein, let us also draw attention to the presence of historical drama A REAL VERMEER (Tarantula co-production), to family matters in Amour Fou co-production DIE NACHT DER 1000 STUNDEN (Virgil Widrich), and ETHEL & ERNEST (see below)… And let us not forget the young audience selection, already announced, which includes RICHARD THE STORK and STORM (see young audience programme). This year’s short film evening will be centred around the following works: 818 (Claude Lahr), Ce qu’il reste de toi (Kevin Dresse), Chernobyl (Franco Dipietro), Fils (Cyrus Neshvad), Sur le Fil (Thierry Besseling, Loïc Tanson) and The Past We Live In (Jérôme Weber).


The OUT-OF-COMPETITION category is where the Cinémathèque and Ciné Utopia get to shine. Every Anglo-Saxon will be familiar with the work of Raymond Briggs. With the collaboration of Studio 352 and Mélusine Productions, Roger Mainwood has put in motion a masterpiece of illustration that is ETHEL & ERNEST. If you enjoyed HIGH RISE last year, you are going to love FREE FIRE, the new Ben Wheatley thriller that reaches an infernal crescendo. HOMO SAPIENS (Nikolaus Geyrhalter) follows the line of sensory experiments presented in previous editions (LEVIATHAN, MANAKAMANA…). From Fukushima to Nagasaki, the author has captured shots of places abandoned by humans to a haunting effect. On the other side of the spectrum, HOUNDS OF LOVE (Ben Young) will plunge you into the nightmare of a teenage girl held captive by a serial killer couple. We are also honoured to welcome Arnaud des Pallières for the presentation of ORPHELINE, a film that has enjoyed an impressive festival run. PORTO (Gabe Klinger) relies on an extremely meticulous photography and the unique setting of the eponymous city to bring to the surface the memories of a separated couple. THE AGE OF SHADOWS (Kim Jee-Woon) is one of this year’s Korean sensations. A masterful mind game at the heart of the period of Korea’s occupation by Japan. We once again encounter Rooney Mara, this time in UNA (Benedict Andrews), whose confrontation (years later) with her abuser proves very complex.


Luxembourg’s ARCHIDUC magazine has chosen THE HUMAN SCALE, a Danish documentary by Andreas Dalsgaard, to form the heart of an event in which the relationship between humans and their habitat in large housing estates will be addressed. ORANGE will be regaling its guests with a screening of MONSIEUR & MADAME ADELMAN, a comedy by Nicolas Bedos co-produced by Orange Studio that traces fifty years of marriage. BGL BNP PARIBAS has the honour of hosting the Luxembourgish premiere of TELLE MÈRE, TELLE FILLE, a new comedy by Noémie Saglio that thrusts Juliette Binoche and Camille Cottin into a symbiotic mother-daughter relationship. The UNITED NATIONS and their CINE UNO label will be making their comeback with the screening of LES SAUTEURS, a Danish documentary on migrants held back by the huge border fence in Melilla, a Spanish enclave between Africa and Europe. The film will be preceded by a screening of the short film DEM DEM ! by Pape Bouname Lopy, Marc Recchia and Christophe Rolin (supported by the stART-up foundation of the Œuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte) and followed by a round table.


The festival’s headquarters will once again occupy a tent on Place de la Constitution, at the foot of the Gëlle Fra. Accessible from 1 March, it will be opening its doors for both public and professional encounters (Picnic with Pros, 10 ways to approach digital marketing in today’s film industry and Brunch de l’animation – in collaboration with the FMAIV – on 5 March), young audience workshops and a presentation on how to create a cartoon (Club des Gribouilleurs: les marathoniens de l’animation), a literary session (with DOUGLAS KENNEDY on 7 March), a book launch (Utopia, une passion pour le 7e Art, du Ciné-club 80 au groupe Utopia on 4 March), master classes (L’Esthétisme des films – with Espera Productions – on 4 March, Work in progress Croc Blanc – with Bidibul productions – on 5 March, Le cinéma d’animation, vecteur indispensable d’éducation culturelle et sociale – with Studio 352 – on 5 March…), the traditional openscreen session (9 March), festive events (Urban Night on 3 March, Work hard play hard – joint initiative by LARS, ALTA and ACTORS.LU – on 4 March, Short films after party on 6 March, Volunteers party on 10 March, Luxembourg Video Clip Awards – by Rockhal – on 11 March…). A jam-packed programme, featured in its entirety on our official media channels.


Subject to change and further confirmation, the jury is currently composed of:

INTERNATIONAL JURY: Dominique BESNEHARD (producer and actor, France), Christophe WAGNER (director, Luxembourg), Hande KODJA (actress, Belgium), Faouzi BENSAIDI (director, screenwriter and actor, Morocco), Santiago AMIGORENA (director, screenwriter and producer, Chile and France), Monia CHOKRI (actress and director, Canada)

DOCUMENTARY JURY: Jérôme LASSERRE (head of film department, France), Arnaud LAMBERT (film critic and director, France), Mathias THERY (director, France), Vladimir KOKH (producer and distributor, France)

PRESS JURY (made up of the Association Luxembourgeoise de la Presse Cinématographique): Isabelle DEBUCHY, Thibaut DEMEYER, Jean-Pierre THILGES and Raul REIS.


“An extravagant weekend in the desert”, this is the pledge of THE CHALLENGE, a documentary by artist and director Yuri Ancarani, which Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’Art Contemporain will be screening on 6 March at Ciné Utopia. Recently deceased writer, filmmaker, artist, essayist and intrepid traveller CHRIS MARKER left a deep mark during his time on earth. CHRIS MARKER, NEVER EXPLAIN, NEVER COMPLAIN is a documentary by Jean-Marie Barbe and Arnaud Lambert that analyses his work. The MUDAM-certified screening at Ciné Utopia will be continued at the museum with a cinemix session featuring Christophe Hanesse (8 March, 18:30). On 10 March at 19:00, the MUDAM will also be screening an amazing documentary on the unusual career of audacious and elusive artist Maurizio Cattelan (BE RIGHT BACK, Maura Axelrod). NO LAND’S SONG (Ayat Najafi) follows young composer Sara Najafi, who defies censorship and taboos to organise a concert for female solo singers in Iran. This documentary will be screened at NEIMËNSTER (12 March, 18:00) and followed by a concert (line-up TBA). The iconic soundtrack of the film “Troublemaker” (Andy Bausch) will be reinvented and performed live by Sh’napan, Charles Nilles’ latest downtempo and instrumental hip hop project, for TROUBLE(RE)MAKER, a cine-live event hosted by the ROTONDES in partnership with Sacem Luxembourg (3 March, 20h30).


Initiated by the company A-Bahn and supported by the Film Fund Luxembourg and Digital Luxembourg, this pavilion established below the glass roof of Casino Luxembourg is a continuation of last year’s initiative, albeit with a completely different dimension. From 1 to 12 March, an activism-focused programme will allow the public to discover about a dozen works for free through different devices (Orange VR-1/Samsung, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive). On 1 March, the pavilion’s opening will take place in the presence of Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, the president of the UNI-VR think tank Frédéric Josué and the director of Montreal’s Phi Centre Myriam Achard. On 9 March, a conference addressing the power of empathy and action generated by virtual reality will be led by Mandy Rose (University of Bristol), Sandra Rodriguez (professor at MIT), Thomas Hecquet (Animal Equality - iAnimal, Stuttgart), Jeremy Sahel (CEO of DA PROD, Paris), Cody Karutz (director of The Crystal Reef, Los Angeles), Darren Emerson (director of Indefinite and Witness 360, London)…. The following day, a LUNCH BREAK will provide an opportunity to meet these guests, as well as the authors of Fukushima Cristian Dominguez Rein-Loring and Carlos de Vega from Madrid, Madeline Power (Across the line, USA), Thomas Hecquet (Animal Equality - iAnimal, Stuttgart) and Ruta Boguzaite (Wide Management, Paris). Finally, don’t miss the conference on 11 March (14:30) in which Julie Bergeron (Cannes Film Festival), Fred Baus (Realab, Luxembourg), Olivier Pesch (producer and director, Luxembourg) and Morgan Bouchet (Groupe Orange, Paris) will get together to discuss the issues surrounding the financing and promoting of virtual reality creations. The environment, human rights, animal welfare… a pavilion to rethink the world through an innovative device.


Until 12 March 2017, the Ratskeller exhibition space at Cercle Cité will be playing host to the exhibition “WELCOME TO WES'”, providing ten keys and as many doors into the fantastic world of Wes Anderson.


To manage the anticipated crowds, LuxFilmFest is embracing international practices. All tickets must therefore be purchased either online (via our official website), at the Cinémathèque, at our Headquarters or at one of the points of sale of the Billetterie Centrale network [www.luxembourgticket.lu].


Two awards (the GRAND PRIX – BY ORANGE worth € 10,000 and the DOCUMENTARY AWARD – BY BGL BNP PARIBAS worth € 5,000) will be awarded at the same time as the YOUNG JURY AWARD (€ 2,000), the CHILDREN’S JURY AWARD and the CHILDREN’S ‘COUP DE CŒUR’ AWARD, during the festival’s closing ceremony on Friday 10 March (Utopolis, Kirchberg). The Association Luxembourgeoise de la Presse Cinématographique will award the CRITICS AWARD in its name. This year the AUDIENCE AWARD by ORANGE will allow spectators to win a CANNES FILM FESTIVAL package for two people, including flights, VIP transfers and accommodation.


The Ministry of Culture and the City of Luxembourg are the event’s two key institutional sponsors. They are joined by the festival’s main private sponsor, the group UTOPIA S.A. part of KINEPOLIS GROUP.
Institutional partners involved in the 2017 young audience programme: the Oeuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte and, from the film community, first and foremost, the Film Fund Luxembourg. The Centre national de l’audiovisuel (CNA) and the Cinémathèque de la Ville de Luxembourg are further partners of this seventh edition.

The festival is also proud to be renewing its partnership with its official sponsors ORANGE Luxembourg and BGL BNP PARIBAS and is delighted to be continuing its journey in the company of its historic partners: ARNOLD KONTZ GROUP, CHAMBRE DE COMMERCE, LUXAIR, CERCLE CITÉ and ESPERA PRODUCTIONS. EXECUTIVE LANE will provide transportation to some of the guests by becoming an official partner of the festival in 2017. DIGITAL LUXEMBOURG, for its part, is a partner of the “Virtual Reality Pavilion” project.

Stay tuned via our [official site] and social network platforms so as not to miss out on any news, possible programme changes and guest confirmations. 
Pressemitteilung, Luxembourg City Film Festival
Pressemitteilung, Luxembourg City Film Festival