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Plurio.net und seine Partner im Europeana Creative Projekt entwickeln zurzeit einen neuen Dienst, der den Spieltrieb und die natürliche Neugier von Besuchern nutzt, damit...
Europeana Creative

Vernetzung von Kulturerbe und Tourismus

Seit 2012 beteitligt sich das Team von Plurio.net an dem Projekt Europeana und setzt somit sein Wissen vom Managment von kulturellem Portalen auf europäischer Ebene.

Mehr Informationen finden Sie nachfolgend auf Englisch.

With its participation in the Europeana project since 2012, Plurio.net’s team deploys its expertise in cultural portal management on the European level. Plurio.net is partner in two major European projects related to Europeana, which is the single access point to Europe’s cultural heritage. Europeana Awareness (eAwareness) and Europeana Creative (eCreative) aim at promoting and facilitating the dissemination and the use of Europeana’s data.

For eCreative, Plurio.net and its work package partners [culture24], [AIT] and [YouARhere] will work on connecting the Cultural heritage and the tourism industry by developing a tool to allow tourists to tap into Europe’s digital cultural heritage.

Europeana Creative (2013 – 2015)
The Europeana Creative project sets out to demonstrate that Europeana can facilitate the creative re-use of cultural heritage metadata and content. The project will also through an extensive stakeholder engagement campaign promote the benefits of cultural content re-use.

As part of the Digital Agenda for Europe, the project is co-funded by a 30-months long European CIP PSP project that started in Feb 2013 and will finish in Sep 2015.

26 organizations from 14 European countries are involved in Europeana Creative. From content-providing institutions to software developers, from creative industry hubs and organisations to multimedia experts, each of 26 partner organisations brings a specific expertise into the project.

The organisations organised in work packages will develop five pilot applications in the thematic areas of History Education, Natural History Education, Tourism, Social Networks, and Design, these pilots are intended to demonstrate and promote the re-use of content available thanks to Europeana.

[Site Europeana Creative]

From 2013 to 2015, Plurio.net and its partners will work on the tourism pilot. Thus it will explore options for new presentations of cultural heritage material, such as allowing visitors to explore the way places looked in the past, discovering cultural objects in their original settings, diving into augmented reality cityscapes, seeing (and hearing) historical events where they happened or seeing “through walls” of museums and archives along their itinerary.

This will be achieved by creating a specific tool for creative industries that allows touristic operators and travellers to tap easily into [Europeana] and other open information databases such as Wikipedia in order to select, publish and share their thematic, geographic or individual travel itineraries via multiple channels, including websites, mobile devices & print.

The working title for the solution is ‘Cultural Travel Scrapbook’.

Together with partners in the Greater Region we will develop two scenarios:
  • Cultural tourism in the framework of a cultural capital year at the example of Mons 2015: “A Cultural Travel Scrapbook to explore the heritage of the city in time and space”.
  • Cultural tourism in the framework of a theme with European significance at the example of the World War 1 commemorative activities in Lorraine: “A Cultural Travel Scrapbook to relive the Great War”.

More Information about Europeana
Europeana is Europe’s cultural heritage digital portal, which nowadays allows access to more than 27 millions items online, thanks to the common effort of galleries, museums, archives and libraries all over Europe. Operated by the Europeana Foundation in the Netherlands, the project supervises several projects such as Europeana Creative.

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Frank Thinnes & Périne Weiland
Frank Thinnes & Périne Weiland