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Das Kulturportal für die Großregion

Gefördert durch den Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung im Rahmen des Programms INTERREG IVA Großregion.
Die Europäische Union investiert in Ihre Zukunft.

Europeana Awareness

Seit 2012 beteitligt sich das Team von Plurio.net an dem Projekt Europeana und setzt somit sein Wissen vom Managment von kulturellem Portalen auf europäischer Ebene.

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With its participation in the Europeana project since 2012, Plurio.net’s team deploys its expertise in cultural portal management at the European level. Plurio.net is partner in two major European projects related to Europeana, which is the single access point to Europe’s cultural heritage: Europeana Awareness (eAwareness) and Europeana Creative (eCreative) aim at promoting and facilitating the dissemination and the use of Europeana’s data.

In the eAwareness project, Plurio.net will package heritage related content from Europeana with agenda and venue information of its own database in order to publish this enriched content and to export the packaged data sets to content partners from the tourism sector. The overall objective is to raise the awareness of selected touristic audiences for objects in the Euroeana database.

Europeana Awareness: the project

Funded by the European Commission and led by the Europeana Foundation in the Netherlands, Europeana Awareness (eAwareness) is a best practice network, which aims at:
  • Publicising Europeana to users, policy makers, politicians and cultural organisations all over Europe, so as to raise awareness of Cultural heritage,
  • Promoting the use of Europeana by the public for different purposes such as research, learning, genealogy but also recreation, hobbies and tourisms,
  • Encouraging the re-use and the contribution of content,
  • Developing new partnerships with key sectors,
  • Putting in place new distributions channels,
  • Encouraging Cultural institutions to keep on providing content

The network is made of 48 partners with experience within the Europeana Network as well as expertise in field such as public relations, user generated content as well as cultural tourism. The overall budget is at about 4 million Euros.

The role of Plurio.net in Europeana Awareness
Since 2012, Plurio.net is proud to be part of the 48-partner consortium. The Plurio.net project is managed and carried by the Agence Luxembourgeoise d’Action Culturelle which is involved in the Europeana Awareness project for “Distribution of Content through the Tourism Industry”. With expertise in managing projects in the Great Region as well as at the European level, and with intelligence concerning demands and needs of the cultural sector, Plurio.net will work with partners to find solutions to connect cultural content with both national and commercial tourism sector.

In the framework of the eAwareness project, our partner [Culture24] and Plurio.net studied the needs and requirements of cultural tourists with regards to a certain type of cultural contents (i.e. metadata and aggregated venues and events information). To know more about our findings, please download the study here:
[“Moving targets – Engaging Cultural tourists with collections and listings online”].

More information on Europeana
Europeana is Europe’s cultural heritage digital portal, which nowadays allows access to more than 27 millions items online, thanks to the common effort of galleries, museums, archives and libraries all over Europe. Operated by the Europeana Foundation in the Netherlands, the project supervises several Europeana sub-projects such as Europeana Awareness.

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Frank Thinnes & Périne Weiland
Frank Thinnes & Périne Weiland