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Centre d\'art contemporain - la synagogue de Delme

Centre d'art contemporain La synagogue de Delme

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The Delme contemporary art centre boasts the special feature of being located in an old Synagogue, built in the late 19th century in an orientally-inclined style--it was blown up during the Second World War, then rebuilt along more austere lines.
With a peristyle, raised platform, first-floor balcony and dome, the Synagogue is an atypical space, well removed from the neutrality of the white cube. The harmonious proportions, alternating arcades and right angles together with the great variety of viewpoints and outstanding light quality are just some of its architectural features.

Since 1993, the art centre has set art and artists at the hub of its activities, encouraging the production of works. Artists are invited to develop specific projects for the Synagogue. Over and above the invitation to exhibit works, the programm also involves developing areas of research, where the artist's praxis comes up against this specific venue. Thus, since 1993, many artists have gradually constructed the identity of this place, at the same time as they have established its renown. Among these artists, let us mention Daniel Buren, Muntadas, Ann-Veronica Janssens, Marthe Wery, Jean-Marc Bustamante, Francois Morellet, Tadashi Kawamata, Simone Decker, and, more recently, Stephane Dafflon, Delphine Coindet, Dan Walsh, Gronlund et Nisunen, Pae White.

Throughout its turbulent history, which has seen the centre proceed from a cultural function to its present artistic role, the Synagogue has been an open, collective place ever since it was built. This "elsewhere" that is defined by its architecture is also the grist of its artistic project, lending a keen ear to the international art scene. Its openness to other European countries is likewise bolstered by its special location, just three hours from Basel, Paris, Brussels and Cologne, and not far from the borders of Germany and Luxembourg, and major urban centres such as Metz, Nancy, Luxembourg, Strasbourg and Saarbrucken.

The Delme Synagogue has managed to make the most of its smallish size and its rural site by assuming the position of a laboratory that is once reactive, fully committed to artists, and eager to set up a real dialogue with all the different audiences it attracts, based on a hands-on logic.

33, rue Poincare, 57590 Delme, France
tel. 33 (0)3 87 01 43 42
fax. 33 (0)3 87 01 43 14

Opening hours:
Wednesday to Saturday from 2 to 6 pm,
Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm
Admission free

Access: From Metz, direction Chateau Salins (former road to Strasbourg), D955
From Nancy, to Chateau Salins, then direction Metz

Chairman, Jacques Wermuth

Marie Cozette, director

Katia Gagnard, production manager / communication

Laurène Macé, educational / public department - reception

Agathe Borgne, administration





Centre d'art contemporain La synagogue de Delme
33 rue Poincaré
57590 Delme
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