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Façade du Musée de l\'Image | Ville d\'Epinal

Musée de l'Image | Ville d'Epinal

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The print Museum has one of the world’s largest collections of popular French and non-French prints (25 000) dating from the 17thC to today.

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Today, the town of Epinal is well known all over Europe for its traditional prints. The town’s print-makers were originally makers of playing cards and decorative coloured paper. Although they started producing prints on paper in the 18thC, it was the print-makers Pinot and Pellerin who built Epinal’s reputation in the 19thC.
In 2003 the town of Epinal decided to valorise this heritage and founded a Print Museum. Today it has one of the world’s largest collections of popular French and non-French prints (110 000) dating from the 17thC to today.

The Museum has numerous prints produced in Epinal and both from other print-making centres in France (Orleans, Chartres, Paris…) and abroad (Germany, India, Japan…). The Museum also acquires contemporary prints, such as paper models and educational prints that are successors to earlier traditional prints.
In its temporary exhibitions it also displays works by contemporary artists that “have a link” to early traditional prints. (It also buys them.)

The 400m² permanent exhibition galleries present a wide choice of popular prints from the 17thC to today, and the major engravers and main centres in the print industry… It explains the aims of different prints: to enlighten, entertain and teach the public, to sell the prints… From religious prints to short moral stories for young children, via propaganda, paper theatres, folios of pictures of soldiers, satirical prints, advertisements… Popular prints covered all these subjects and more.

To protect the prints from overexposure to the light, those in the permanent exhibition are changed every six months. No matter how often you visit the Museum there will always be something new !
In addition, several temporary exhibitions are mounted each year. They deal with a variety of original subjects and give visitors an in-depth view of print-making. Contemporary art is also on display as every exhibition includes works by contemporary artists linked to period prints.

The Cité de l’Image – A Print Cultural Centre

The Museum was built next to the former Pellerin Printworks which is still largely intact. You can visit the workshops, learn about the printing techniques, buy prints…
Printworks and the Print Museum are complementary: entry tickets give you the option of visiting both so you can enjoy the Epinal Cité de l'Image as a whole…


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