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Saison 2 : Finaliser la première façade UpCycling

23-04-2019 - 31-07-2019

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BENU PROVISORIUM is the first art-upcycling building in Luxembourg and at the same time the pilot building for BENU VILLAGE, the first EcoVillage in the Greater Region, the construction of which will start in 2019 in Esch-sur-Alzette.


The goal of this activity is to transform the entire BENU building (built only from plants, soil and waste material) into a work of art. Jennifer Lopes Santos, freelance artist, directs and coordinates the project.

We use clay and "waste":

We make the BENU clay mixture ourselves. For this we use loam from an adjacent garden, which we let dry, sieve and then mix with a secret formula (hehe). Only so much is revealed that also horse manure from the animal park in Esch belongs in :)

The colours are created by the use of plastic bottles, broken toys, broken CDs, cans, paint residues and much, much more. That's no waste! No, they are treasures, indeed!

You want to join? Just for the fun of it? Alone or with a whole group, whether leisure club, family, friends, company, school, club or whatever? You love art or rather not? You want to get involved in a complete work that shows how sustainable and environmentally friendly you can actually build and beautify?

Then register at +352 621 511 034 (Jennifer) or benu@benuvillageesch.lu and choose a suitable date (we are also active on weekends). You do not need any prior knowledge. Only desire to join in!

Do not forget your work clothes (they can get dirty), and then you're ready to go. Depending on the shape, mood and weather you can help to stir the secret loam mixture, to prepare waste for their use on the wall (for example you will cut, bend, break, sort) or to bring the treasures to the wall with clay.

It's a lot of fun!
Contact information for this event
Phone: +352 621 511 034
E-mail: benu@benuvillageesch.lu
51 Rue d\'Audun

entry fee(s)
free (Tarif atelier)