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Dream Within a Dream over Europe Tour 2019

For fans of progressive metal, the joint tour of DGM and Tomorrow's Eve is certainly another highlight of the year. The Italian band and the German-American Allstar quintet will be on tour in May across Europe. In package their latest albums "DGM | The Passage" (via Frontiers Music) and "TOMORROW'S EVE | Mirror Of Creation III - Project Ikaros". (via DR.Music Records / BAZE Records).

Press votes about TOMORROW'S EVE:

Rock It! (9/10): [...] very punchy and inspiring [...] a progressive rock album of the highest class.

Eclipsed (8/10 | Soundcheck #10: [...] an internationally competitive product from beginning to end [...] bombastic-powerful produced prog-epic [...] the right thing for Prog Metal fans

Rocks (7.5/10): Their clever Prog Metal feeds equally on fat guitar-riffs, keyboard bombast and catchy refrains - some sounds of Dream Theater and Symphony X included.

Deaf Forever Magazine (8,5 / 10): [...] really great mix of high-catchy tunes and sophisticated Songwriting achieve Threshold Level [...]

BigTakeover.com (USA): TOMORROW'S EVE is truly as proficient as ever when they are diving white-knuckled into hell at breakneck speed.

Svbterranean.net (8/10) (USA): If dense atmosphere, expert songwriting, catchy choruses, and totally fucking epic music are your thing, prepare to meet your masters in TOMORROW'S EVE.

HardMusicBase.cz (8/10) (CZ) ; MetalForever.info (9/10) (CZ)


The history of DGM begins more than 20 years ago, several line-up changes and nine albums later, the Italian fiver is one of the most prestigious Progressive Metal bands of the present. At least since singer Mark Basile started in 2007 and created the first classic of band history with "Frame" in 2008, DGM are a well-known scene-size. Especially the four years after the release of the album, the band uses to make a name for themselves internationally: they tour u.a. with the Symphony X and Pagan's Mind across Europe, performing at big festivals. In 2013 the next album will be released "Momentum", the touring activities will be longer, they play for the second time at the US festival ProgPower USA; In November 2014, the band will start their first Asian tour, playing in Beijing, Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. With "The Passage" from 2016, the quintet finally manages an album that does not have to hide from such models as Dream Theater or Symphony X.


In the case of Tomorrow's Eve, one can rightly speak of a successful comeback, because "Mirror Of Creation III - Project Ikaros", the first album in eight years, comes up with some surprises: The new cast, consisting of singer Martin LeMar (Mekong Delta, Lalu), the two founding members guitarist Rainer Grund and keyboarder Oliver Schwickert as well as drummer John Macaluso (Yngwie Malmsteen, Labyrinth, Ark, TNT), and Mike LePond (Symphony X, Ross the Boss) on bass, create "Mirror Of Creation III - Project Ikaros"!

The German / US progressive Metal institution TOMORROW'S EVE start their comeback with their fifth album, which could not be more majestic, varied and bombastic and shows the band on the peak of its creativity so far. Already in 1999, TOMORROW'S EVE proved with their debut "The Unexpected World" that their mix of melodic and brutal Progressive Metal is trendsetting. Finally, on the conceptual predecessor "Mirror Of Creation II - Genesis 2", the voice of Martin LeMar is to be heard for the first time, which characterizes the sound of the band until today. Parallels to established acts of the scene like Iron Maiden or Savatage are more than obvious, as LeMar shows his extraordinary vocal diversity. You can tell, Tomorrow's Eve is more than the sum of its parts, because musically fused a driving rhythm fraction, sensitive piano passages, acoustic guitars and extensive musical landscapes with the lyrical scaffolding of Edgar Allen Poe's works. With "Mirror Of Creation III - Project Ikaros", the sixth album altogether, the band manages to keep this standard.

Confirmed for ProgPower USA 2019!

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Téléphone (Contact): +352661844296
E-mail (Contact): denis.hill@internet.lu
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Rock Box
3 Rives de Clausen

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