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Literature without borders - Photo exhibition by Ottó Kaiser

09/05/2019 - 15/07/2019

Photo exhibiton about Hungarian authors, poets, literary translators living in emigration. The exposition will be exposed between May 9th and July 15th.
Plus d'information
Literature without borders "Fifty pictures. The portrait of fifty authors out of over 200 whom we visited during our cross-border photo collection tour spanning many thousand kilometres and many years. Authors, poets, literary translators chased into emigration by the tempest of history, or ones who chose to stay, yet ended up finding themselves in another country at the whim of fate. One way or another, whatever language their works were written in, they contributed greatly to enriching universal Hungarian culture." - Ottó Kaiser Ottó Kaiser, Hungarian photojournalist, picture editor, chief editor. After high-school graduation he studied portrait photography, after he has started to work as photo editor and chief editor in several Hungarian weekly newspapers and magazines, he founded several cultural and professional photographic magazines as well. He discovered thousands of places like England, Austria, Bosnia, Netherlands, Germany, France, Poland, Italy, Romania, Scotland, Switzerland, Sweden, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine. He looked up around 250 creators and published almost 40 photo albums. His works can be founded in fifty countries like in Canada, USA, Cuba, Nicaragua, Iran, Sicily, Russia, Armenia, Czech Republic. He received awards and nominations, especially he was awarded the Gold Cross of Merit of Hungary. Registration: https://forms.gle/WS1JNL4xCT8U7LzL9
Contacts pour cet événement
E-mail (Général): info@bmki.be
Internet: http://www.hungarianculture.be/
lieu d'événement
Institut culturel hongrois (Balassi Institute Brussels)
Treurenberg, 10
1000 Bruxelles