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Trier English Drama: Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind

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(Malheureusement ce texte n'existe pas en français.)

Imagine going to the theater with absolutely no idea of what there is in store for you. "Number 25? ...and GO!" Two minutes of action and laughter are ahead of you, until someone calls out the word "Curtain", which announces that you or another audience member gets to choose the next "Neo-Futurist" play from a menu.Trier English Drama creates a show of 30 short plays in the course of one evening. Originally devised by a group of actors in Chicago, the plays vary greatly in subject matter, register and style, ranging from love stories over comic and action-filled pieces to meta-plays. There are Shakespeare-spoofs as well as references to Tom Stoppard, rap lyrics and TV game shows. The fun part for the audience is that they get to choose the order in which the plays are to be presented.In englischer Sprache!
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Internet: www.tufa-trier.de