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Beer and chocolate pairing tour
Beer and chocolate pairing tourBeer and chocolate pairing tour

Beer and chocolate pairing tour

15/05/2018 - 28/12/2019

Belgium is famous for brewing great beers and making delicious chocolates,...but did you know that combined in a smart way beer and chocolates produce amazing new unique flavors?! Discover in 1.5-hour 5 beers & chocolates and learn how to pair beer with virtually anything!
Plus d'information
After a short introduction, we will start sampling both beers & chocolates and try to mix and match them in different ways. You will then be able to give your opinion on the mix & match and your guide will explain you the science behind! Because the whole activity takes place at the same location, we will also have the time to talk about chocolate? How did Belgium get into it and what influences the taste of beer? How pairing beer and food in general... so you can take your new knowledge home and impress friends and family making your own beer and food pairings. During 1.5-hours our guide will host in our workshop place a mix & match + tasting session of 5 Belgian beers and 5 Belgian chocolates (included in the price). Get ready to be surprised how tasty and geeky beer & chocolate pairing can be!
Contacts pour cet événement
Téléphone (Standard): 0032478236032
E-mail (Général): titch@beersandchocolates.com
Internet: http://beersandchocolates.com
lieu d'événement
Brussels Waffle Workshop
1000 Bruxelles

prix d'entrée
21€ (Jeunes)
25€ (Normal)