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Kaiserthermen by BurgTender at flickr
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Kaiserthermen Trier / Thermes impériaux de Trèves / Imperial Baths Trier


The Imperial Baths in Trier are the remains of a large complex of roman baths, which can be visited today as a set of impressive ruins. Since 1986, the Imperial Baths are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, like the other roman monuments of the town.



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The remaining apses still show the roman way of construction with layers of stone and bricks, which had stability functions, but also esthetical reasons. In Trier, this style was not only used for the Imperial Baths, but it was also copied for the construction of the “Frankenturm”.

The building was erected around and after 300 AD as a monumental representative construction of the emperor Constantius Chlorus and his son Constantinus (later know as “Constantine the Great”), who chose Trier for residence.

The baths rise south of the middle of the imperial palace district, which extended from the cathedral (the former palace) over the huge brick construction of the throne hall of Constantine (Aula Palatina, today the “Basilica”) to the temple district of the Albachtal and the amphitheatre (which was integrated into the city walls).

Today, some walls remain of the eastern room and some underground galleries can be visited. The Römerticket offers a reduced price; it is a ticket for several roman monuments in Trier and its surroundings.

In summer, guided tours are also offered by an actor dressed up as the fictive tribune Mallobaudes who will tell you his life.

Source: www.wikipedia.org


Kaiserthermen Trier / Thermes impériaux de Trèves / Imperial Baths Trier
Weimarer Allee 2
54290 Trier