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Cultural addresses in the Greater Region

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D'Stater Muséeën

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There are a surprising number of museums and art centres in the small capital of Luxembourg. They can be linked up as points on a map of the city. Luckily for visitors they cover a total distance of slightly less than a full mile. Visiting these museums is easy because of the short distance between them. However, it is the variety and uniqueness of the seven cultural institutions strung out in a smile-like arc over the uneven topography that constitute the real attraction enticing visitors to come and see them.

Five of the institutions are in the city centre, all within walking distance. Visitors can enjoy ancient masterpieces of painting in the Villa Vauban, a 19th-century bourgeois building with a new contemporary extension located in the heart of the city park; discover the archaeological and historical heritage of the country as well as the State art collections from the Middle Ages to the present day (15th to 21st centuries) in the National Museum of History and Art, near the former fish market; explore the Museum of the History of the City of Luxembourg, also located in the heart of the old city; get acquainted with the latest trends in the international art scene at Casino Luxembourg; and go “down to the valley” to experience a refreshing perspective on natural history, evolution and biodiversity offered by the National Museum of Natural History (reached by lift).

At only a 15-minute walk from the city centre (from Grund the path leads up the steep wooded slopes of Kirchberg), or just a short bus ride away, the new Park Dräi Eechelen on the Kirchberg plateau is home to two museums next to each other: on one side, the Musée Dräi Eechelen devoted to the World Heritage site of Luxembourg’s fortifications; on the other, the Musée d’Art Moderne Grand- Duc Jean (Mudam Luxembourg) with its contemporary art collection and temporary exhibitions. The walking paths, cycle paths and bus routes relaxingly lead visitors from one museum to the next, passing in front of numerous art galleries, boutiques, restaurants and cafés and offering excellent scenic views. In the present brochure, the “d’stater muséeën” association has provided a short description of each museum and art centre as well as several ways to progress easily along the “museum mile”. Experience the cultural side of the city... and (s)mile!

D'Stater Muséeën
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