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What if they went to Moscow?

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"To Moscow! To Moscow"! Who doesn't remember the famous longing call that the three sisters keep repeating in Chekhov's famous play. For these young women forever restrained by provincial routine, the name of the big city resonates like the hope of a real life. From far away Rio de Janeiro, Christiane Jatahy has heard their cry and decided to grant their wish: what if they really went to Moscow?

In doing so, the Brazilian director has changed the perspective of the three characters and catapulted the play into the here and now by adding a fourth actor: the cameraman. What if they went to Moscow? is as much a play as it is a film since alongside the theatre production a live-edited film version of the play is projected in a second adjacent space. In this theatre-cinema experience, one half of the audience will see the three sisters followed by the cameraman whilst the other half will watch the filmed version that explores the desire to leave city and country, to change one's trajectory in life by emigrating. Both performances, which form part of one single evening, create two startlingly different perspectives of the same work and are to be watched back to back, an exercise which alters the respective playing fields of theatre and cinema.

What Christiane Jatahy explores in all her productions are the boundaries, the limits, the points of convergence and difference between reality and fiction, between theatre and cinema, whilst constantly questioning the relationship between the actor and the audience.

What if they went to Moscow? is the third production of the season to investigate the relationship between cinema and theatre, after Joueurs Mao II Les Noms by Julien Gosselin and Arctique by Anne-Cécile Vandalem. Shoot the cameraman by Cie AWA, a dance production with live camera on stage, will close this exploration in June.

With Isabel Teixeira, Julia Bernat, Stella Rabello Conception, dramaturgy, live edition, direction Christiane Jatahy
Cooperation on script Isabel Teixeira, Julia Bernat, Stella Rabello, Paulo Camacho
Photography & live camera Paulo Camacho
Scenery conception Christiane Jatahy, Marcelo Lipiani
Art Director, scenery Marcelo Lipiani
Costumes Antonio Medeiros, Tatiana Rodrigues
Music Domenico Lancelotti
Light Designer Paulo Camacho, Alessandro Boschini
Sound Designer Denilson Campos
Musician, Video Technician Felipe Norkus
Sound Operator Ben Hur Machado
Sound Mixer (cinema) Diogo Magalhães
Light Operator Leandro Barreto
Stage Manager Thiago Katona
Producer, Tour Manager Henrique Mariano Production Cia Vértice de Teatro
Co-production Le CENTQUATRE-PARIS; Zürcher Theater Spektakel; SESC
Christiane Jatahy is an international associate artist at Le CENTQUATRE-PARIS and L'Odéon-Théâtre de l'Europe.Jeudi 28 MAI 2020 à 20h00 (tickets)
Vendredi 29 MAI 2020 à 20h00 (tickets) DURÉE 1re partie 1h30 / entracte 45 minutes / 2e partie 1h30
Introduction à la pièce par Monsieur Ian De Toffoli ½ heure avant chaque représentation (FR).Adultes 20 € / Jeunes 8 € / Kulturpass bienvenu Lieu: Studio & Arrière-scène

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Grand Théâtre de la Ville de Luxembourg
1 Rond-point Schuman

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