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Délai de candidature : n.c.
Aide aux clips musicaux
Délai de candidature : toute l’année
L’aide à la création de clips musicaux est mise en place par le Film Fund Luxembourg en collaboration avec la Rockhal et Music:LX.
Appel à participation : Prix du Jeune Écrivain - Concours de Nouvelles 2019
Délai de candidature : 15/02/2019
Open Call: 58th Venice Biennale Summer School for Curatorial Studies Venice
Deadline: 15/03/2019
Call for applications: Arts Oasis - International Residency for Performers
Deadline: n.c.
Arts Oasis is the annual international residential lab for performing arts practitioners from different countries working in various techniques, genres and styles.
Call for applications: Basu Foundation's residency program
Deadline: ongoing
Basu Foundation for the Arts (BFA) is a not-for-profit, philanthropic organisation established in 1911 and revived in 2014 to encourage and support innovation, experimentation and potential in the arts. Placing the artist at the core, the foundation facilitates a programme of dance, music, sound, performance art, theatre and visual arts exhibitions and residencies both in India and internationally.
Call for applications: Projectroom at the rotondes
Deadline: n.c.
The studio 1 or projectroom at the rotondes is a shared space on the 1st floor of the Container City. The room is intended to serve as administrative support for projects of new artist collectives and/or sociocultural actors.

More information is available in French.
Call for applications: SHAPE- Platform for innovative music and audiovisual art from Europe
Deadline: n.c.
Shape consists of 16 festivals and art centres and aims to support, promote and exchange innovative and aspiring musicians and interdisciplinary artists with an interest in sound.
Call for artists-in-residence - PINEA-LINEA DE COSTA A.I.R
Deadline: n.c.
PINEA-LINEA DE COSTA A.I.R. is an initiative run by the private non-profit organisation Linea de Costa. With a more than three years trajectory, our organisation has become a reference between international artists-in-residence programs in Europe, being one of the most prestigious A.I.R programs in Spain, guarantee by critics and specialised press.
Call for applications: Living Memory. Artistic Residencies Centenary of the Great War
Particularly affected by the First World War, the French département of Meuse still bears indelible traces of the past. However, although this past is an integral part of the département's identity, it is clear that the symbolic names and dates of battles are not enough to capture the attention of the Meuse people, or of new generations. One hundred years on, our view of the conflict has changed. There is a risk that people may trivialise and forget, so to mark the Centenary it seemed important to work on reappropriating the past, in order to raise civic awareness about the war and to understand its peculiarities, as well as recognising how it can help us to comprehend the region today, and contemporary society and its conflicts.

It is in this context that the Meuse Conseil Général has decided to promote the expression of contemporary perspectives and sensibilities related to the memory of WW1 and to war as a whole, by hosting artists in residence across the region.
It has chosen contemporary art and creation to ask questions about war and its effects, to connect people with their history, and help them explore this further.

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