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The National Museum of History and Art of Luxembourg
Set in the heart of the old town, the National Museum of History and Art of Luxembourg provides a large archaeological collection as well as a visual arts section which offers the possibility of admiring a wide range of Luxembourgish painting from the 18th to the 20th century. It is connected to Plurio.net via an XML interface providing automatically all its event data to our database.

The museums portal of Luxembourg
Plurio.net is providing information on museums, exhibitions and events. The network of the Luxembourgish museums is curating this content and adding information for an audience interested in museums.

The interactive portal of Lorraine
Plurio.net is using videos of this portal and we are currently working on an interface for more data exchange.

The interactive portal of natural history
The officially name of the museum is “Musée National de l’Histoire Naturelle” but most of the people know the museum as “Naturmusée”. The great programme of this museum about nature, animals and the environment is automatically exchanged with Plurio.net via XML interfaces since 2007.

The cultural exchange centre Neimënster
The CCRN (Centre culturel de Rencontre Neumünster) hosts concerts, ballets, live performances, seminars and expositions.  It is a place of creation and reception.  It is open to the general public, to a young public, to associations and to creators. It is connected to Plurio.net via an XML interface providing automatically all its event data to our database.

Network of the cities of north Luxembourg
The Nordstad is an area in the north-central Luxembourg, consisting of 6 municipalties: Bettendorf, Colmar-Berg, Diekirch, Erpeldange, Ettelbrück and Schieren. Their object is to create the third development pole in Luxembourg besides Luxembourg City an Esch. The Nordstad integrated an RSS Feed for all the events happening in adherent municipalties.

Since 2015, the event data is also transferred via an XML interface to the printed magazine “Hex”, edited by Maison Moderne.


The website of the Luxembourg City Tourist Office
All cultural events on the official website of the LCTO “visitluxembourg” are provided by Plurio.net.

A cultural centre in the south of Luxembourg
Close to the Belgium and French borders, the cultural center “Opderschmelz” plays a particular role thanks to its transboundary reputation. The cultural center is connected with plurio.net via an XML interface. All its events are automatically published on Plurio.net.

Cultural magazine for the Greater Region
Opus is a cultural magazine for the Saarland and the Greater Region that is published every two months. For its cultural agenda, Opus uses the data from Plurio.net via an XML interface.

Regional tourism office, Luxembourg Ardennes
A genuine haven of peace, this region has everything to offer. Internationally known because of its valleys and green landscapes, the Ardennes of Luxemburg will fulfill all your dreams in terms of mountainbiking, hiking, thematic trails for young children and adults… The regional tourism office displays an agenda, which is fed thanks to a Plurio.net XML interface.

Regional tourism office Luxembourg Moselle
Local and regional festivals and events abound in a region such as the Luxembourg Moselle. Join in and immerse yourself in the Luxembourg way of life! The Agenda "What's on" is fed through a XML interface with Plurio.net.

Regional tourism office, Mullerthal Region
There are a number of regional events in music and culture like for example: the International Festival Echternach, the Dancing Procession, e-lake and regional markets... All the events are collected on Plurio.net and then exported to the Agenda “100% Events” Mullerthal via a XML interface.

Office régional du tourisme Sud
The south of Luxembourg is young, dynamic, rebellious and multicultural – simply a region of contrasts! The agenda „Things to do“ is entirely supplied by an XML interface from Plurio.net.

Cross-border without frontiers
The city of Perl is the perfect example of a town in the heart of the Greater Region. Its website has integrated a crossborder cultural events feed from Plurio.net. It now showcases events from its neighbouring cities beyond frontiers from the French and Luxembourgish Moselle.


The Festival of French Theatre
Every year in autumn, the Festival of French Theatre in Germany takes place at Sarrbrücken. All its events are automatically published on plurio.net via XML interface.

A cultural global player in the Greater Region
The Philharmonie is one of Europe’s most renowned concert halls and organize throughout the year hundreds of events. All its events are automatically exported to Plurio.net via an XML interface.

Culture in the South of Luxembourg
Prosud is a project that presents the south of Luxembourg. This project is using a simple RSS feed of Plurio.net to display the cultural life of the south of Luxembourg.

The cross-border city network
Within the border region between Germany, Luxembourg and France, the network QuattroPole delimits and symbolizes since 2000 a cross-border region that presents a historic, economic and cultural diversity and a multilingualism.

The "Philharmonie" of Rock and Pop
If a band or an international star is giving a concert in the Greater Region, the chances are high that it will be at the Rockhal! All events are published on Plurio.net with a XML interface.

The official portal of the Saarland
The official portal of the Saarland is using Plurio.net as an infrastructure for the collection of cultural content. All the events that occur in the Saarland and that have been entered on Plurio.net are visible on the website saarland.de.

Maybe the best stage in the Greater Region?
The Saarländisches Staatstheater offers with its 4 stages a wide range of performing arts. With its rich and varied program, the “Saarländisches Staatstheater” is maybe the most active and important stage in the Greater Region. All the events are automatically published on Plurio.net via a XML interface.

Science for young and old
Science.lu is the portal of research and science in Luxembourg. The website is intended to create synergies between the different actors of the sector, as well as promote to the broad public the science with a playful, interactive and clear presentation of science. 

The website automatically collects events that are related to the science and technology sector from Plurio.net through an XML interface to supply its own events section on the Greater Region scale.

Saarland’s cultural richness
The foundation Saarländischer Kulturbesitz is made of some renowned museums and exhibition spaces. At the present, the Saarland Museum, the museum of Prehistory and Early History and the German Newspaper Museum are part of the foundation. The foundation is connected to Plurio.net via an XML interface providing automatically all its event data to our database.

Berdorf ist known as the « Heart of the Little Luxembourgian Switzerland”, which is an amazing rock landscape in the Müllerthal region. The “What’s on” Agenda from the Syndicat d’initiative de la Commune de Berdorf is fed through a XML interface with Plurio.net.

As “capital” of the Mullerthal Region, Echternach is the oldest town in Luxembourg. The “What’s on” Agenda from the Syndicat d’initiative de la Commune d’Echternach is fed through a XML interface with Plurio.net.


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